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Corporate Hire

Before Scrolling down to hire rates please make sure to read the following info.

If this is your first time planning for bubble soccer you really need to do your homework to ensure you have a pleasant and enjoyable bubble soccer experience. Know what you are getting and plan well. You are booking primarily for a good bubble soccer experience so focus on it and make sure you get the best product. We at Bubble Soccer Sydney are confident we are giving a premium service and what’s more, at an affordable and competitive price. Visit our social media and web sites to see for your self:

Bubble Soccer is technically a sport but with amazing entertainment value.  Whether its an office outing, a team bonding session or just a social gathering Bubble Soccer will score high on the list of the most fun activity of the year, and its sure to get a lot of laughs.

We recommend holding your event at outdoor park settings on soft green grass where players will feel more comfort. This way you don’t just need to head off after your event, you can stay back, have a bbq or organise a catering service and enjoy the rest of a social afternoon. On the day we setup the equipment, facilitate/referee and supervise the event leaving you nothing more to do than just to enjoy.

Following is more info to help you decide:

Our Bubble Suits

Our bubble suits are a lightweight soft material that is also sturdy. It’s important they are light, as this will put less stress on the ankles and knees and make it easier to manoeuvre. Lighter bubbles also mean less fatigue, so you can play longer.

Should I Hire The Inflatable Arena (Barrier):

The inflatable arena is usually optional, however due to the enormous added value it brings to the game it is highly recommended. Anyone who has experienced bubble soccer with the inflatable arena will tell you there is no comparison; just look at the visuals and you can easily see the difference. The following are some advantages:

  1. Ball is kept in the field of play more than often, so the game flows, as there is less interruption. When not using the inflatable arena at open parks the ball will travel outside the area of play with nearly every kick off the ball. This can be very irritating and kill the fun.
  2. Keeps players engaged and in bumping distance to each other. When the game spreads to far out players lose interest very quickly and the event degenerates within a short time frame as fatigue sets in much quicker.
  3. Safety: The Barrier ensures no walking traffic; pets or spectators can come into the playing area, nor can a player with a bubble leave the playing area. It gives you your own private space within the park. Just imagine a dog chasing a ball in the middle of a game, or a small child who ends up in the playing area, this can be dangerous. Remember players in a bubble may not be aware of their immediate surroundings with the same awareness when not in a bubble.

As we require additional time and extra staff to setup the heavy item and a large generator to frequently run there is an additional fee for the inflatable arena. Keep in mind you wont be frequently playing bubble soccer so paying that little extra will go a long way and will be appreciated by all involved.

During Covid-19

Is it safe to book during Covid-19? It will never be 100% safe however social distancing is forced as you are in a bubble facing your own plastic wall, so there will be two walls between yourself and your opponent. The real risk lies inside the bubble suits. If not disinfected properly the risk of catching a contagious infection is higher. We use a special solution that disinfects the bubble suits with a solution that kills the Covid-19 virus in two minutes.

How long should you book for?

The ideal event depends on the numbers you want to play with. Bubble Soccer is definitely a group activity and we believe 8 players is the minimum you should have. Generally an hour or just over is sufficient for a small group of 8-10, with each player having their own bubble suit. An hour may not seem long but the activity is so tiring and physically intense that playing for longer than required would be over working your body  and would drain you of all your energy, if you want to extend your event just book an extra 30 minutes to play a game of soccer without bubbles inside our inflatable barrier. If you have more than 10-15 you can 90 minutes and 2 hours. With more players we will also need to sanitise bubble suits between interchange to reduce risk of spreading germs and infections.

If you feel you want to stretch out your event and add other activities we recommend booking our inflatable footdarts or human foosball games, which keep in line with the soccer theme. So if you are planning activities for after the bubble soccer make sure its not a physically and challenging one.

Ideal Number of Participants

While we can cater for larger numbers, anything under 50 is well manageable, however we can make arrangements for events with more than 50. We recommend running the event with teams of 4 or 5 players in each team.  For example if you had 15, you would then play 3 teams of 5 in rotation.For number of participants exceeding 15 we would then recommend you extend the duration of the party beyond an hour or add more activities, or add more bubble suits depending.

The Ideal Setting

A park with lush green grass is best. Soft landing is important when doing flips as players may at times fall on their knees. This is also important for our bubble suits as we use lightweight material that can get punctured in rough terrain and where there are obstacles such as trees etc in the way. We recommend that for a more pleasant experience you also choose parks with amenities and available car parks for the comfort of your guests. But remember the busier your location the more congested the traffic.

We generally have locations we frequent in each council area, which we can recommend, however you can also run your event at a park of your choice as long as you can obtain a permit. With parks that we call “our location” we will obtain park hire permits on your behalf, some councils will require you make the application yourself however we will assist you with it.

Bad weather, postponing and cancellations

As is the case with most outdoor activities Bubble soccer is also weather dependant. This includes rainy days, extreme heat and strong gale force winds. During which we will need to postpone the event. For any events cancelled or postponed during bad weather you will not lose any funds and any deposit or payments will deferred ahead or refunded if you have to cancel due to postponements.

Is a park hire permit really needed?

Absolutely! Certain councils are already considering banning bubble soccer and similar physical events in their council areas due to suppliers not bothering to hire parks or misleading their patrons into believing they don’t need one.  A permit is required for the following reasons:

  1. To avoid double booking. Imagine turning up for your event to find that a carnival or a large-scale event is happening, or someone has booked the whole park for another event, and you have no space to run yours or are told to leave?
  2. Councils may dismiss and not take responsibility for anything that may go wrong, event if it is a problem associated with the park that is under their jurisdiction. In such cases insurances may not accept responsibility either, especially if it is an issue with council property.
  3. Its illegal. Councils require permits for any events, which take up shared common areas. Bubble Soccer mainly uses parks that are shared space, simply because football parks are usually booked for weekend organised sports. Bubble soccer generally runs at smaller parks that the public frequents and is a physical game, as such permits are required.

Unfortunately there are costs associated with park hire permits. Some councils charge more than others, therefore certain parks have different permit rates. As such our prices are usually not included with park hire fees unless specified.

Pricing and recommendations based on anticipated numbers:

(Pricing is for weekday hire, for weekend hire rates see our social events pricing page)

1 Hour Hire

8-15 participants
  • 10 Bubble Suits,
    Portable goals and equipment,
    Staff to facilitate/referee event: $350
  • Inflatable Soccer barrier: $350+GST
  • Park hire: Depending on park

90 Minute Hire

15-25 participants
  • 10 Bubble Suits,
    Portable goals and equipment,
    Staff to facilitate/referee event: $450
  • Inflatable Soccer barrier: $350+GST
  • Park hire: Depending on park

2 Hour Hire

20-35 participants
  • 10 Bubble Suits,
    Portable goals and equipment,
    Staff to facilitate/referee event: $550
  • Inflatable Soccer barrier: $350+GST
  • Park hire: Depending on park

For group of 40-50+ we can tailor your event according to your specific needs, in some cases where there are more than 50 we recommend having 2 games going at once and 2 X inflatable Arena’s. Please call or email to discuss the details at length to ensure we give you the right recommendations.

Call or email us with any more questions you may have. We want your party to be well organised and leave you with peace of mind. Being the most experienced Bubble Soccer Provider we will ensure to share our expertise and experience.

Call us now direct on 0408 427 748 or simply email us at enquiries@bubblesoccer.net.au