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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players should I book for?

An optimal number of players for an hour’s booking is between 10 and 15 participants. This size allows for engaging gameplay while ensuring that the intensity of the physical activity does not lead to excessive fatigue. You have the option of organizing the participants into two teams of five, with short breaks in between matches, or three teams of five, playing in rotation.

To maintain the excitement and energy levels, it’s essential to keep the games relatively short. The inflatable field, when not in use, can accommodate various team sizes such as 5-a-side, 6-a-side, 7-a-side, or more. However, for practical purposes, it is recommended to opt for 5 or 6 players per side. This size strikes a balance between ensuring active participation and keeping the gameplay manageable.


We are flexible in accommodating larger groups as well. If you wish to bring more players, we can make arrangements for them to play in rotation. The more participants, the merrier the experience will be for everyone involved.


Overall, we aim to create a fun and inclusive environment for all participants, ensuring that they have a memorable time during their bubble soccer experience. With our adaptable approach, we can cater to various group sizes and skill levels, making the event enjoyable for everyone.

Is the inflatable arena necessary?

Bubble Soccer is an exhilarating sport that demands significant physical exertion, making it a thrilling experience for participants. When played in open spaces, the gameplay can be somewhat hindered due to the increased amount of running required, resulting in less time with the ball and fewer opportunities for interactions with opponents. However, when the game takes place inside an inflatable arena, these limitations are mitigated, providing a more immersive and dynamic playing environment.

The inflatable arena serves as a designated boundary, effectively containing the ball and players within bumping distance of each other. This confinement ensures a more focused and intense game, as participants spend more time actively engaging in soccer-related activities and playful collisions, rather than being dispersed across a large area. By reducing the need for long-distance running, the game’s flow is enhanced, enabling continuous and intense gameplay.

Moreover, the practical benefits of using the inflatable arena become evident when organizing events in busy parks, functions, or festivals. The arena acts as a safeguard, effectively segregating the game from passing foot traffic, pets, children, and spectators. This not only minimizes the risk of injury but also creates a secure and controlled environment for the players to showcase their enthusiasm.


Another advantage of the inflatable arena is its adaptability to smaller areas, requiring a mere 15X20 meters of space. Despite the minor inconvenience of requiring a few individuals to set it up, the benefits outweigh the additional cost, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience for all participants. The investment in the inflatable arena pales in comparison to the enjoyment and safety it provides, making it an attractive and viable option for hosting exciting bubble soccer events.



To witness the difference that the inflatable arena makes in enhancing the bubble soccer experience, one can peruse the abundant video content available on our social media sites. By visiting our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bubblesoccersydney and our Instagram profile at www.instagram.com/bubble_soccer_sydney, viewers can catch a glimpse of the unparalleled excitement and engagement that the inflatable arena brings to the game.

Who can play bubble soccer?

Primary Schools and Vacation/afterschool Care: Schools Vacation care centers are always looking at unique and exciting activities. Bubble soccer is now a well-established activity with a lot of schools and vacation care centres having bubble soccer. The youngest participating age groups are also most usually with schools and vacation care. Very young children must be closer supervised, and with more teachers available for supervision it makes it easier and possible to book for very young age groups. Though we do not recommend the physical aspect of bubble soccer for the very young and very old.

High Schools: This is the age group with the most energy. All high school aged children are welcome to participate.


Children’s Birthday Parties: All though children as young as 5/6 get in bubble suits and roll around we don’t recommend organized bubble soccer birthday party bookings for children younger than 8-9 years. Every child should have at least one bubble soccer birthday party!


Corporate and team bonding :
Allow us to host a side-splitting and fun-filled morning or afternoon with your work colleagues. From start to finish, we’ll take care of setting up and running the entire show. Safety is our top priority, and before the game begins, we’ll provide a comprehensive briefing to ensure everyone is aware of the safety guidelines. Throughout the event, our team will be present to supervise, and we’ll have a dedicated referee on-site to manage the game.

For work events that include mixed genders and a diverse range of ages, we encourage players to engage in the game in moderation. This approach ensures that everyone can participate comfortably and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Our aim is to create a memorable and laughter-filled occasion that brings your colleagues together in a unique and entertaining way.

Are crowds welcome?

Bubble soccer is a sport meant to be enjoyed by both players and spectators alike. Picture a large crowd of enthusiastic onlookers surrounding the inflatable arena, cheering on their friends, family, colleagues, or teammates as they hilariously bump and tumble around, providing a spectacle that guarantees an abundance of laughter and joy.

For sizeable groups, we have the capacity to run multiple games simultaneously, ensuring everyone gets a chance to experience the fun. In addition to bubble soccer, we offer a variety of other exciting activities, including human foosball and soccer darts, to keep the entertainment flowing.

To add a competitive edge to the event, we can organize the participants into teams of 5, create fixtures, and host a mini-tournament. Winners will have the opportunity to take home prestigious trophies and medals, making the experience even more thrilling and rewarding.

However with Birthday parties for the younger age groups we recommend between 10-20 to ensure it is manageable and all children get the required attention.

Is bubble soccer safe?

While Bubble Soccer may appear intimidating, rest assured that injuries are not very common, no more so than when playing regular soccer. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, and we take several precautions to minimize any potential risks.


The bubble suit is designed to securely harness and protect your head and upper body, with straps ensuring a snug fit. The area from your waist to your knees remains outside the bubble, allowing you to move and run freely. When players adhere to the rules and avoid reckless behavior, the likelihood of injuries is no higher than that of other similar events.

To ensure the proper and safe use of equipment, our experienced supervisors will be present on the day.


They will provide training to players on using the bubble suits correctly and will monitor the activities throughout the event. By following the guidelines and having responsible supervision, we strive to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Minimising risk of injury?

Bubble Soccer is generally safe and fun, but be cautious of potential risks outside the game. Injuries can occur while entering or exiting the bubble suits or sitting on unattended suits. During the game, avoid bumping grounded opponents or hitting hard from behind. Follow fair play and stop bumping when the game ends.


Check bubble suits for proper air pressure to avoid cave-ins during rolling. Use light but sturdy suits to reduce ankle and knee injury risks. Heavier suits strain limbs and can lead to injuries. Stay mindful and enjoy the game responsibly.

Best times and surfaces to play bubble soccer on

We gladly cater to various events like birthday and bucks parties, work functions, school and after school care, vacation care, gala days, and festivals. However, there are days and conditions we prefer to avoid:


  1. Extremely hot days: For bookings on scorching afternoons, we suggest postponing, or if that’s not possible, we offer a full refund. If the temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius and it’s sunny, we prioritize safety for young children by canceling the booking as part of our duty of care. Adults can proceed in the heat if desired, but extreme conditions will lead to postponement or cancellation.
  2. Ideal Timing: We recommend booking in the later afternoon or early morning to avoid the heat during the hotter months and later in the morning to avoid the morning dew in the winter. The afternoons are ideal during the cooler months and most part of the year.


  1. Surface Considerations: To minimize injury risks, we avoid playing on hard surfaces. Since players’ knees are not inside the bubble, they may land on both knees and backsides. Opting for outdoor play on a flat surface with lush green grass, or soft synthetic grass to reduces the risk, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience.
Does it get smelly in the bubbles?

It can get very smelly inside the bubbles suits if not wiped before and after each game. We wipe ours down with alcohol wipes and other special solutions before and after each booking. We also clean and wash our bubble suits regularly.

Can i have my bubble soccer party at a local park?

Although we have set locations on weekends, we are a mobile bubble soccer provider, pending availability we can travel anywhere in Sydney and around Sydney that is convenient to you. Some parks and reserves may require permits through your local councils. Parks, which we frequent, we can obtain permits on your behalf, or you can request for us to apply for permits on your behalf.

What is my role as an organiser?

We are always available to facilitate, supervise, and referee every booking. Before the game starts, we will provide a comprehensive briefing to all participants, demonstrating how to wear and use the bubble suits effectively. Our team will oversee and referee the games, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

As the organizer, your primary role is to book with the best possible bubble soccer supplier and decide on the location or venue for the event. You can participate and have fun without worrying about organizing the actual games.


Given that bubble soccer is a relatively new activity, some people might be unfamiliar with it and may be tempted to choose the cheapest option without considering the quality. By organizing the event correctly with Bubble Soccer Sydney, you can achieve both affordability and excellent quality. We prioritize providing an outstanding experience at a competitive price, ensuring that your event is a resounding success for everyone involved.


Safety First

Like any physical sport, bubble soccer carries a potential risk of injury. However, by adhering
to a few simple guidelines, these risks can be minimized. We highly recommend the
presence of a qualified and experienced instructor/facilitator during bubble soccer sessions.
Therefore, we discourage engaging in DIY bubble soccer activities, particularly those utilizing
inexpensive equipment available at retailers like Kmart and Aldi.
Drawing from a decade of bubble soccer expertise, here are some key measures to prevent
• Ensure there is a competent and trained facilitator/instructor supervising the activity.
• Limit the number of players per instructor to no more than 10 at a time.
• Utilize lightweight yet durable bubble suits to reduce stress on the body.
• Always enter the bubble from the correct side to prevent the head from protruding.
• Inflate the bubble suits sufficiently, avoiding a deflated appearance.
• Maintain a firm grip on the handles and ensure the straps are securely fastened over the
• Refrain from forcefully colliding with other players from behind at high speeds.
• Never enter a bubble without wearing the harness or strap.
• Avoid sprinting and running into other players at excessive speeds.
• Never sit atop a bubble without proper supervision.
These guidelines encompass the most critical rules for bubble soccer. A capable and trained
facilitator should be present to provide instructions, reinforce the aforementioned rules,
and ensure all players are properly secured in their bubble suits before commencing the
Flips and rolly pollies add an entertaining element, especially for children. However, these
moves should only be attempted under the direct supervision of the instructor/facilitator
after providing clear instructions and verifying that all players are correctly harnessed.
Responsible providers will also discourage engaging in bubble soccer under slippery,
excessively hot, or extremely windy conditions. When playing during the summer, it is
advisable to opt for early morning or late afternoon/twilight hours, or where there is shade
and cover. Indoor facilities with wood or hard surfaces should also be avoided.
Moreover, detailed instructions will be shared with the individual making the booking,
enabling them to convey the information to the entire group. In the event that this
information is overlooked, the trained supervisor will remind the participants of the safety
guidelines on the day of the activity.

Have any more questions?

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