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Before Scrolling down to hire rates please make sure to read the following info.

If this is your first time planning for bubble soccer you really need to do your homework to ensure you have a pleasant and enjoyable bubble soccer experience. Know what you are getting and plan well. You are booking primarily for a good bubble soccer experience so focus on it and make sure you get the best product. We at Bubble Soccer Sydney  are confident we are giving a premium service and what’s more at an affordable and competitive price. Check out our social media and websites and make comparisons for yourself:

The Game

Bubble Soccer is an activity that promotes physical play and gets those gross motor skills working. Just about every school has an open field or grass area and all we need is an area the size of a basketball court. Playing on soft grass is important for player comfort and to avoid injury.

Hard surfaces such as wood and concrete etc increase risk of injury as players may fall on their knees. On the day we setup the equipment, facilitate and supervise the event leaving you free to setup your birthday party table or to simply kick back and enjoy watching the children have heaps of fun.

Being Australia’s longest serving Bubble Soccer provider we have the experience and expertise to make the ideal recommendations for you.  Make sure to call or email us and ask any questions you may have.

Following is some info to help you decide:


With Covid-19 and other potential contagions about it is vital to have a rigid sanitation process and procedure.  We thoroughly wipe our bubble suits with alcohol wipes and between interchange of players we use a special fogger with a special food safe solution that sprays the bubble suit to disinfect all the germs. The success rate of disinfecting bubble during this procedure is 99.9%. While we do our best to ensure the equipment are well sanitised we also advise students are well checked for a temperature, cough, cold or other symptoms before the event if need be. Please also refer to our Covid-19 procedure checklist, which we will share with you before your booking.

How long should you book for?

With schools and vacation care we find that regardless of the numbers attending a 2-hour time frame is usually sufficient. Whether this be numbers as small as 20 or more. This is usually due to time constraint and other activities the students may have through out the day. Where you have less students they will simply get more game time and where you have a crowd we can efficiently manage the event in a way the children will have shorter games but will still be able to enjoy. We will simply tailor an event according to your requirements. Our staff have WWCC’s and experience to run the event with ease.

During the event the children will play Bubble Soccer, have free time bumping each other about and doing flips. Keep in mind that Bubble Soccer is a very tiring game and will leave kids exhausted afterwards. So if you are planning activities for after the bubble soccer make sure its not a physically and challenging one.

Enquire about our Footdarts and Human Foosball games if you want to stretch out your Soccer themed event or want added activities.

Minimum Age

For organised events such as birthday parties we usually recommend booking for children starting from 8 years. However with OOSH and vacation care, we can cater for children as young as 5 years. This is because there are usually teachers and carers to assist and keep an extra eye on the very little ones. The younger ones won’t be playing much soccer; once they work out how to flip in a bubble they will have a ball. We have junior sizes that are suitable for the younger ones and during the event we suggest categorising children according to their sizes to ensure safety. As the game is physical we are careful to ensure children play in their own size groups.

The Ideal Location

The best place to run the event is your own school grounds. Soft green grass is best and safest for bubble soccer. This way you also wont have to spend extra on transport getting the kids to one of our locations, will save on park hire and will save on time. However if you were interested in turning the event into an excursion we do have locations where you can attend and will happily make recommendations depending on your location.

We also advise against indoor hard surfaces, however if it looks like a wet day and you have a suitable indoor location we will be able to run the event indoors, The game is best outdoors on soft grass, we would usually recommend postponing but if you did not have the flexibility we can also look at running the event indoors if we believe it is safe enough.

Do I need to book the inflatable Arena (Barrier):

The inflatable arena is usually optional however due to the enormous added value it brings to the game it is highly recommended for the bigger kids and crowded events especially. With smaller groups and younger children such as vacation care and Oosh its really not that important to have as the children wont be playing much soccer. However anyone who has experienced bubble soccer with the inflatable arena will tell you there is no comparison. The following are the reasons:

  1. Safety- It ensures only players are within the parameter of the event. Rest of the players will be safely outside the playing zone.
  2. Where a game of soccer is played the arena has 2 large goals and the game flow is constant as players are always at a bumping distance and the ball is kept inside the area therefore less disruptions.
  3. Looks awesome

The disadvantage of having the arena is the added price. As we require additional time and extra staff to setup the heavy item as such we need to charge extra for it. However keep in mind you wont be frequently playing bubble soccer so paying that little extra would be well worth it.

School and Vacation Care Pricing

90-minute Hire

(15-25 participants)
  • 10 Bubble suits (add $30+ for each additional bubble suit)
  • Portable goals and equipment
  • Staff member to facilitate
$ 450 Add: $350+GST for optional inflatable Arena hire.

2-hour Hire

(20-50 participants)
  • 10 Bubble suits (add $40+ for each additional bubble suit)
  • Portable goals and equipment
  • Staff member to facilitate
$ 550 Add: $350+GST for optional inflatable Arena hire.

For numbers exceeding 50 please email or call us for recommendations.

Call or email us with any more questions you may have. We want your party to be well organised and leave you with peace of mind. Being the most experienced Bubble Soccer Provider we will ensure to share our expertise and experience.

Call us now direct on 0408 427 748 or simply email us at enquiries@bubblesoccer.net.au